At the age of 10 I discovered my passion for drawing. In the 90’s my mother held a job at a local Museum (Solar do Barao, Curitiba-Brazil), in one of my visits to see her I managed to escape and ended up in this beautiful artist’s loft. I was immediately taken away. The lithography became on of my first great art experience fallowed by oil painting, and more new techniques were acquainted into my artistic awakening. With the desire to discover a better world I packed my bags along with my inspirations and arrived in Lowell, Ma at the age of 19. Despite all the challenges of an immigrant I continued to follow my dreams. I enrolled myself at MCC (Lowell, MA) and after 3 years I received my associates degree in Liberal Arts in Graphic Design. After expressing myself in different styles and techniques I found acrylics to be the one that currently represents me best.

I cheerfully invite you to be taken away.